About translation

In the global era communication gets easier on the one hand, but trickier on the other. One has to face the challenge of encounter with other cultures and legislation. Therefore, Culture-sensitive translation is the key to the success of almost any kind of communication: business, personal, marketing, academic, etc.

LinguaCom‘s vision is maintaining the link between languages and psychology, by understanding and appreciation of cultural background, which exist behind every word.

About me:

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My name is Tanya Rozanes Olevsky. I translate from English, Russian, Italian, French and Hebrew into English, Russian and Hebrew. My areas of expertise are academic, legal, technical and business documentation. I am the founder and manager of LinguaCom.

I have always been passionate about helping people understand each other and come to an agreement, therefore I chose to major in psychology. As I progressed with my studies, I realized that in many cases therapy can be supported or even replaced by language tools development. Learning to express your ideas better protects you from being misunderstood. This brought me to language studies and research, as well as tutoring, translation and working with people with special communication needs.

  • As a translator in 5 languages, I have been exposed to a broad spectrum of legal, technical and business documentation. I know what people expect to see in a document.
  • As a scholar and researcher, as well as a teacher and an academic tutor, I am familiar with the academic standards, and I know how to guide my clients to meet those standards.
  • As a technical writer, I know how to present a procedure step-by-step, I am familiar with the latest software and hardware technology, and willing to use it for my (and your) benefit. I know how to make documentation management easier and friendlier.

More about my academic and vocational background can be found here.

Who are our clients?

Our clients are people and companies looking for help with writing/translating/creating documentation and/or willing to learn from my experience. Some are just making their first steps with a language, and some are wishing to improve their level and reach professionalism in their field.

More about our team: check out “Our Team” page.