Annalisa Bernardi

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Annalisa Bernardi
Languages: Italian, Hebrew, Latin, English, French

I have been working as translator and language teacher (Italian, Latin, Hebrew and English occasionally) since prehistoric times. I truly love Humanities, and I have worked as an archival and a library consultant and translator in the academic field, especially in History and History of Art.
Besides this, being passionate about history and traveling, I have accomplished a tour guiding course in Israel.
Despite all that, I mean, despite being an extravagant dinosaur, I love animals and human beings: I have loads of patience and empathy when teaching and explaining, so studying with me could be even an interesting as well as relaxing experience.

Recently, I’ve being honored to begin working in Tanya’s studio LinguaCom.
Tanya and I are old friends, since the times we were living in the same Jerusalem neighborhood, and now, that I’m living in Northern Israel, she found a way to involve me in something really very special: online teaching and participating in collaborative translation projects.

Online Italian, Hebrew and Latin lessons are a great quality and time-saving solutions for those who a seeking to improve their command of those languages or learn from scratch. We are developing individual programs and specialized courses targeting students involved in tourism/marketing/research/law/ and more.
As a translator, I have a vast experience in legal field, marketing materials, arts and sciences.

Dr. Yaakov Gorr

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Yaakov Gorr profile

Position: Law & business tutor and consultant

Languages: English, German, Hebrew, Bahasa

About me:

I’ve been tutoring law students privately since retiring from practice as a lawyer in 2002.  As well as assisting law students to develop their full potential I also assist business studies students and general humanities students in the structure and planning of arguments and the development of the highest level of research skills.

I started my Ph.D thesis on a new theory of legal education in 1999; it has now been commercially published by Smokeball, who have also published three textbooks of mine.   I hold additional undergraduate qualifications from three leading Australian Universities: Monash (Arts- Social work), RMIT (Business) and Tasmania (Law).  I ran my own legal practice with several employees for 12 years, and some 30 publications I have written have been produced over 30 years of professional and undergraduate life.

My latest textbook, which follows from my Ph.D thesis,  is on a new method for studying law.  It is currently being reviewed by my publisher.

My vision for you is that you too could achieve great academic ability through consistent application of a proven method.

Anya Zhuravel Segal

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Position: Resume writing tutor, CV writer, business development consultant.

Languages: Russian, English, Hebrew

About me:

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I have 8+ years experience in marketing communications, sales and business development with focus on the US, EMEA and CIS. Most recently I worked for Energiya Global, a solar energy company, where I served as VP New Business Development. I was previously with a major Israeli non-profit where I managed fundraising and program development for programs targeting >20,000 clients. I have set up the marketing operation at Geomage, a software company, and started my career in Israel on Benjamin Netanyahu’s staff at the Ministry of Finance, where I was in charge of communicating Israel’s economic policy to the international investor community. I hold an MA  in Law and Diplomacy from the Fletcher School at Tufts University in Boston and a BA in Political Science from Moscow State University.

Tanya Rozanes Olevsky

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Position: Manager, English tutor, translator
Languages: English, Hebrew, Russian, Italian, French

About me

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Since 2007 I have operated my own language studio, LinguaCom, providing translation and tutoring services to clients internationally. I have 15 years of experience as a translator and private tutor. Before I started my own business, I worked with other service providers, translated and edited academic materials from scratch to publication, and taught English in various settings, both private and public. Five of my articles in English have been published in European educational journals.

I hold an MA in Special Education from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and a BA in Psychology as well as a BA in Culture and Language Studies (English, French). I have a certificate in Technical Writing.

My vision is to bring together a group of talented and motivated freelancers eager to provide their professional services to clients in the field of language learning, translation, and academic development. Together with my husband, Dor, we are trying to make LinguaCom a special place.

Dor Rozanes

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Position: Hebrew tutor and editor.
Languages: Hebrew, English, Portuguese

About me

Dor profile pictureI was born in Israel, in kibbutz Almog near the Dead Sea, and today I live in Jerusalem with my wonderful wife, Tanya and son, Gabriel. I study Portuguese, Indonesian, and Russian.

I am a certified tour guide, which allows me to share with others my love to history and Hebrew language. Teaching and editing Hebrew texts allows me to go one step beyond guiding: language learning is not just one-time encounter, like a tour, but a long, exciting and sophisticated process.

I strive to make language learning as “vivid” as possible by using my knowledge of contemporary Hebrew literature and journalism, as well as some elements of guiding.

LinguaCom’s policy is to allow experimenting and creative approach to teaching, which I am happy to implement.