Annalisa Bernardi

  • On October 29, 2015 ·
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Annalisa Bernardi
Languages: Italian, Hebrew, Latin, English, French

I have been working as translator and language teacher (Italian, Latin, Hebrew and English occasionally) since prehistoric times. I truly love Humanities, and I have worked as an archival and a library consultant and translator in the academic field, especially in History and History of Art.
Besides this, being passionate about history and traveling, I have accomplished a tour guiding course in Israel.
Despite all that, I mean, despite being an extravagant dinosaur, I love animals and human beings: I have loads of patience and empathy when teaching and explaining, so studying with me could be even an interesting as well as relaxing experience.

Recently, I’ve being honored to begin working in Tanya’s studio LinguaCom.
Tanya and I are old friends, since the times we were living in the same Jerusalem neighborhood, and now, that I’m living in Northern Israel, she found a way to involve me in something really very special: online teaching and participating in collaborative translation projects.

Online Italian, Hebrew and Latin lessons are a great quality and time-saving solutions for those who a seeking to improve their command of those languages or learn from scratch. We are developing individual programs and specialized courses targeting students involved in tourism/marketing/research/law/ and more.
As a translator, I have a vast experience in legal field, marketing materials, arts and sciences.