Dr. Yaakov Gorr

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Position: Law & business tutor and consultant

Languages: English, German, Hebrew, Bahasa

About me:

I’ve been tutoring law students privately since retiring from practice as a lawyer in 2002.  As well as assisting law students to develop their full potential I also assist business studies students and general humanities students in the structure and planning of arguments and the development of the highest level of research skills.

I started my Ph.D thesis on a new theory of legal education in 1999; it has now been commercially published by Smokeball, who have also published three textbooks of mine.   I hold additional undergraduate qualifications from three leading Australian Universities: Monash (Arts- Social work), RMIT (Business) and Tasmania (Law).  I ran my own legal practice with several employees for 12 years, and some 30 publications I have written have been produced over 30 years of professional and undergraduate life.

My latest textbook, which follows from my Ph.D thesis,  is on a new method for studying law.  It is currently being reviewed by my publisher.

My vision for you is that you too could achieve great academic ability through consistent application of a proven method.