Dor Rozanes

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Position: Hebrew tutor and editor.
Languages: Hebrew, English, Portuguese

About me

Dor profile pictureI was born in Israel, in kibbutz Almog near the Dead Sea, and today I live in Jerusalem with my wonderful wife, Tanya and son, Gabriel. I study Portuguese, Indonesian, and Russian.

I am a certified tour guide, which allows me to share with others my love to history and Hebrew language. Teaching and editing Hebrew texts allows me to go one step beyond guiding: language learning is not just one-time encounter, like a tour, but a long, exciting and sophisticated process.

I strive to make language learning as “vivid” as possible by using my knowledge of contemporary Hebrew literature and journalism, as well as some elements of guiding.

LinguaCom’s policy is to allow experimenting and creative approach to teaching, which I am happy to implement.